Monday, September 14, 2009

Word Trace: Blood

Hey guys! This blog is for all of Smith's period 5 students who are in my group. Put down whatever information about "Blood" for the Word Traces. Come back and check!


  1. I noticed that the words blood and bloody were most often used by Macbeth and his wife. Macbeth usually uses to word in horror at Duncan's murder while lady Macbeth seems pretty cool about it and speaks of blood only as evidence she and her husband need to dispose of. It is possible that Shakespeare used this word to contrast the attitudes of Macbeth and his wife or to add to the creepy feeling of the scene and the intensity of the murder. Does anyone else have any ideas? How are we going to present this?

  2. Right now melissa, I have no idea! When is it even due? Maybe google docs. I could make a spreadsheet

    I guess for right now I will look at acts 2 and 3 and answer the questions that Smith wrote on the board.

    Word Trace: Blood!
    • Who says it
    • Why
    • Context
    • What could Shakespeare be telling us?
    • Connotations/ variations
    Collaboration websites:; blogger;; wikiapaces; skype

  4. To answer some of these questions, Macbeth and his wife are usually the ones saying blood. It appears in the form of bood, bloody, and filthy witness. I can't think of anything else Shakespeare means by this word but blood that flows through the body. However, I believe Shakespeare uses this word to intensify the darkness and murder of the scene and to symbolize Macbeth's guilt. This project is due Friday so we really have got to get going on this. Someone could make a power point for the graphic. We could also act out the word with someone playing Macbeth and another his wife. We all need to find some qoutes about blood to compile and someone to do a bibliography. I can do the powerpoint if needed. Does anyone else have any ideas? Should we all meet after school on Thursday?

  5. Great ideas so far guys! Just saying hi right now I will have more info later.

  6. I can't meet after school today.
    I know connor, monick, melissa, and I are in the group. Who else? We sereiously need to get started.

    Great ideas, melissa. What about I continue to work on a google doc I made, and I could invite you all to look at it but i need emails.
    Also, melissa could continue to work on the powerpoint

  7. I'll try and get stuff posted really soon.

  8. I have sent my links to Ryan who should be working on a bibliography. Kate, I need you to bring the powerpoint to school tomorrow because I can't find my UCB drive, and that had the powerpoint on it. Please call me at 720-529-4422 if you don't have it and I will re-do it. Sorry. Its best if you call me because currently our internet connection is down, so right now I'm at the library. I think we should present the powerpoint in class with the google.doc. How are we going to present it? We could do a skit, but I think the most interactive way would be to ask the class for their thoughts and then show the powerpoint. Could someone bring candy for their answers? Anyway, keep me posted and if all else fails we can just explain our thoughts. Keep me posted. Thanks.

  9. Candy! Good idea melissa. I will bring the powerpoint tomorrow. We should just read the powerpoint, show the google. doc im making, and quiz at the end with candy!

    Did alot of work tonight; the following pages IN ACT TWO have plenty of info:
    51, 57,67,AND 69.

    WHO SAYS IT: mostly Macbeth and Lady M.; Banqou one line

    REST OF THE INFO: dont feel like putting it on right now, but did alot tonight!

    Still trying to figure out the google.doc and how to share it with you all.


  10. Just figured out how to share the spreadsheet with you all on!

    I need EMAILS. Once i have them, i can invite you to help me edit the spreadsheet. (its a chart with info about the project on it)

  11. Kate you should have my email. As well just wanted to say as I was going through the scences it also seemed that 'blood' was often used to refer to those of evil actions.

  12. You can e-mail me at I don't check this e-mail often. It is better to call me at 720-529-4422. I need to know when everyone has an off hour because we have to decide exactly how we are going to present this word trace. I like the idea of a google.doc. I also think we should ask questions at the end of our presentation for candy. Who can bring in candy? I will try to get the powerpoint from Kate, and we can paste a wordle image on the first page. I also like the idea of a concept map. Does anyone have any particular quotes they want to include? I see blood as being used to show guilt, evidence, kinship, and evil actions. Does anyone else have any other ides they want to include. I will provide a new list of sites when the powerpoint is completed. Who all is in our group anyway besides Kate, Monick, Connor and I. I think it would be a good idea to try to have as many of us as possible meet face to face because only four of us are actually blogging.

  13. thanks! tomorrow we have time in class i will show you all what i have. most of it would be a waste of time to write down here, so is helpful because all our info is organized and in one place!

    and monick sorry, but i lost the paper with your email. with the emails i can allow you to see my google.doc which will make work a lot easier

  14. I'm glad we will get the chance to work together tomorrow. I am hesitant to rebuild the powerpoint for tomorrow since Kate has the most updated version and I don't gave everyone's imput to compile. I will, however, highlight the word blood in the act three text.I would encourage everyone to find a quote or two.